Tacos are one of the most delicious and famous dishes of Mexican cuisine. As an authentic Mexican restaurant in Port Angeles, WA area, we at Fast Burritos Taco Shop thought that it was only natural for us to provide this traditional dish in our menu.

We provide a diverse selection of tacos to our customers. You can find fish, shrimp, chorizo or chicken asada; the choices for taco toppings are almost limitless in our family restaurant. We guarantee that we only use the freshest ingredients and cook your meals to order, all served by our friendly staff.

All of our cooks are experts in Mexican food and once you take a bit, you’ll want to come back again for more. In our restaurant, we also serve salads, horchata and giant chalupas.

So if you find yourself craving for some great tacos, come dine with us at Fast Burritos Taco Shop. Don’t forget to also order our delicious taquitos or nachos. We have the most authentic and diverse selection of Mexican dishes in Port Angeles, WA.